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Hey, this is Stephanie from Pup Labs.

It's been a while since we last spoke…

I hope Freedom Joint Chews have helped make a complete 'u-turn' on your dog's health to bring back the active, playful, and joyful pup you once knew.

Because as a professional dog trainer…

It pains me to watch dog parents in agony as their furry friend is helplessly suffering. And the worst part is…

None of this is their fault.

For YEARS you've been taking good care and feeding your pup with - in your opinion - the best food...

Only to realize that the same food is taking away your pup's quality of life.

Remember the 'sticky toxin'?

The 'Sticky Toxin' Goes Into Your Dog's Body As a Trojan Horse - Attacking Your Dog's Health When On The Inside.

It can cause arthritis, immune failure, diabetes, and even cancer.
But what other alternatives are there for you?
Dry kebble, canned food, and even raw foods can contain the 'sticky toxin'.

  1. You can carefully pick what your dog eats.

    The problem is…

    You'd have to spend HOURS preparing your pup's meals every week.

    And that's not even the hard part…

    You'd have to make sure each meal has enough of the essential nutrients.

    That's why regular dog food is the go-to choice for dog owners…

    They have the essential proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients all in one place.

    But, as you now know, that same dog food can cause harm to your pup's health.

  2. Once you run out of your stock of Freedom Joint Chews…

    You go back to how things were before…

    Feeding your furry friend regular dog food with the 'sticky toxin' baked inside.

    But you already know how this scenario plays out.

    Countless visits to the vet…

    Expensive treatments & operations…

    And living in agony as you watch your pup suffer from pain.

    But don't worry, there's a better option…

  3. You continue with what's already working!

    Feed your pup the same regular dog food…

    While continuing the 5-second morning ritual with Freedom Joint Chews.

    That way you'll make sure your dog gets all the essential nutrients without taxing their health in return.

Experience More Memories, Joy, And Fulfillment With
Your Healthy & Playful Pup…For Just $1.40 a Day.

You know how expensive the health treatment for your pup can be.

So as you're a dear customer…

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Since you last ordered, a lot has changed…

As the spike in dog health problems continues to rise, dog parents are rushing to find an effective solution…

And the demand for Freedom Joint Chews has drastically increased.

We've had a lot of back-and-forth meetings, phone calls, and discussions…

But because of our high quality NASC standards…

And the scarce superfoods needed for the Freedom Joint Chews formula…

It's difficult to increase our current production speed.

But there's nothing you should worry about.

If we're ever at risk of running out our stock…

We'll reserve extra bottles for you until we restock.

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Because it's important you make this a part of your dog's daily routine.

For YEARS the 'sticky toxin' was attacking your pup's health.

And now, thanks to the Freedom Joint Chew formula, you can prevent that from happening.

Gone are the days where you had to endure the heartache of watching your beloved dog helplessly suffer…

Gone are the days wasting your time & money on treatment that doesn't work…

And gone are the days of wondering if it's time to make the difficult decision of saying goodbye to your furry friend.

Keep your dog's health protected for just $1.40 a day…

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To More Memories,
Playfulness, And Joy In
Your Pup's Eyes.

To More Memories,
Playfulness, And Joy In
Your Pup's Eyes.

You're Still Covered By Our Iron-Clad 180-Day Guarantee.

You can continue using Freedom Joint Chews risk-free for 180 days.

If at any point you're unsatisfied with the results…

Contact our Customer Happiness Team.

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