3 Crucial Tips For Selecting a Safe and Effective Doggy Itching & Allergy-Relief Supplement

3 Crucial Tips For Selecting a Safe and Effective Doggy Itching & Allergy-Relief Supplement

3 Crucial Tips For Selecting a Safe and Effective Doggy Itching & Allergy-Relief Supplement

Before we begin… I want to be clear that we are NOT the only quality doggy itching & allergy-relief solution on the market. Anyone who says they are the only good option is full of it.

Still, there are only a handful of companies producing effective doggy supplements (and you probably haven’t heard their name).

Some of the biggest brands on amazon have been exposed for having little to no active allergy-reducing ingredients in their chews. And worse, a few of the top names in this industry have failed their bacteria/mold contamination tests.


My wish is that you read this and use these tips to help you find a quality, SAFE, and effective doggy itching & allergy relief supplement to help relieve your dog of excessive itching, allergies, and red welts…

Whether you buy our product or not for your dog, I genuinely want you and your dog to receive the benefits because they’re nothing short of life changing.

And in case you’re curious, these tips are coming from someone who’s a dog dad and tried every supplement and solution out there, and decided to make their own.

#1 Choose an allergy-relief spray NOT a chew

Both a doggy allergy-relief spray and a doggy allergy-relief chew can be effective in managing allergies in dogs, but a doggy allergy-relief spray is often far superior for a variety of reasons:

Allergy-relief sprays have direct itching-relief application: A spray allows for direct application to the affected areas, such as the skin, coat, or paws.

This targeted approach ensures that the active ingredients come into direct contact with the affected areas, providing relief precisely where it is needed.

Allergy-relief sprays absorb faster:  This faster absorption can lead to faster relief from allergy symptoms, such as itching, redness, or inflammation.

Allergy-relief sprays are more convenient for picky eaters. Sprays are often more convenient to use compared to chews. You can simply spray the product on your dog's skin or coat, and it requires minimal effort and time.

With chews, it can be challenging if your dog is picky or has a strong aversion to taking medication.

Allergy-relief sprays are multi-use. Some sprays can also help soothe skin irritations, moisturize dry skin, reduce itching from insect bites, or provide protection against environmental allergens.

This versatility makes them useful for various skin-related issues that may arise in dogs.

Allergy relief sprays have targeted effects. This means that the active ingredients remain primarily in the area where they are applied and have limited systemic absorption.

This can be beneficial for dogs with sensitivities to certain medications or those who may experience side effects from oral medications.

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#2 All natural, non inflammatory ingredients 

We know that allergies are an inflammatory response in your dog's body. It’s therefore important to choose products that have little to know inflammatory agents.

Many of the popular chews on amazon have 20+ ingredients in their allergy relief chew or cream, half of which are simply stabilizers and preservatives.

These can further irritate allergies and itching, making your dog sicker. 

#3 USA Ingredients and 3rd party tested

You may be familiar with the term 3rd party testing.

Quick refresher: this is when the supplement company sends off their final product to a lab (that is not owned by the company) to verify that the product is free of contamination and safe to use.

You DEFINITELY want your doggy supplements provider to be third party tested but the problem is that it’s too easy to pay those guys off.

I know BIG companies that have failed their tests, written a check, and the product is out the door in customers belly’s the next day.

Personally, I prioritize USA grown over third party testing. 

Here's why:

The majority (95%+) of doggy supplements sold in the US are grown in China and shipped on a long voyage across the sea before it’s sold to a corporate factory to be mixed in the products.

The issue with this approach is simply the quality of the ingredients. And often ingredients are diluted or contaminated in China which can be dangerous for your furry friend.

Which again, is over 95% of the products on the market. Especially on Amazon.

Or worse, their cut with fillers and preservatives to ensure they don’t spoil over their long voyage. And your dog ends up eating these toxic preservatives and fillers, causing more inflammatory conditions like allergies.

You want your products to be grown and extracted in the same location. So if you’re in the USA, choose USA grown products.

It will at least ensure that whatever you’re giving to your pup has not been through a long voyage across the sea because they need chemicals and preservatives to avoid forming bacteria and mold.

So the pro tip is this: Avoid companies that ship their ingredients from far away and then process it somewhere else. And unfortunately, this is COMMON practice for the majority of pills, powders, and superfood mixes for dogs

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How to select the most effective
(and safe) doggy allergy & itching relief supplement:

Now you may have seen some of the links to our product scattered throughout this article, but in case you haven't yet seen what we have to offer…

Here's what makes our doggy allergy and itching relief spray of the most effective canine allergy supplements that you can buy:

#1 Choose a spray, not a chew

Amazon is filled with allergy chews. There are many problems with chews (outside of all the fillers and preservatives).

First, they take a long time to work. Second, they don’t target the specific allergy hot spots. Third, if your dog is a picky eater, it’s hard to get them to eat the chew.

That's why we created Pup Labs Soothing Spray, that targets the root cause of itching and allergies on the outside and soothes the skin fast!

#2 100% USA AND extracted in sunny Florida

We practice what we preach. All of our ingredients are extracted in our Naples, Florida facility. 

No overseas shipping, only a 100% natural itching & allergy relief formula handcrafted with love.

#3 Third Party Tested

We regularly send our product samples to be verified by a third party lab. We do this to ensure safety to you and your furry friend.

Our own dogs take our products every day. We’re in this business to help and heal and this is an important step to make sure we’re doing good in this world.

#4 Natural ingredients only with no fillers or preservatives

We don’t use any fillers or preservatives in our formula. And it contains only 5 world class allergy relieving superfoods: BioFlavin extract, Ozonated coconut oil, rose water, aloe, and witch hazel.

This ensures maximum potency, safety and itching relief for your dog.

#5 Handcrafted in Small Batches

To ensure maximum freshness and the highest quality, we produce our Soothing Spray in small batches of 1000 bottles at a time.

We use white bottles so light does not degrade our potency like the clear colored bottles commonly used with other allergy sprays.

And you can see the difference in color between our soothing spray and the other competitors.

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