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At Pup Labs, our mission is simple: help your pup run, jump, and play to create memories that last a lifetime with transparent, high-quality health products.

Pup health is on the decline

The dog industry is corrupt. We see multiple product recalls every year and companies are cutting corners with the quality of ingredients.

It’s time for a change

No more cutting corners for profits. No more vet paydays. No more fillers, chemicals, and additives that harm our pup’s health.

Pup Labs is committed to 100% transparency, honesty and scientifically-proven formulas.

Each ingredient is hand-picked, and rigorously tested to ensure quality, safety, and effectiveness. The result? Dog supplements and treats that taste delicious, and support a long and happy life for your pup. Which means cuddles, slobbery kisses, and playing hide and seek with your socks and shoes.