360 Support Bundle

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With the 360 Support Bundle, you’re getting our top three best-sellers: Fresh Breathies, Tummy Essentials, and Freedom Joint Chews.

This bundle is the perfect option if you belong to either of these categories... 

1) Your dog suffers from joint pain. With Freedom Joint Chews, your dog will get a mix of 6 clinically studied ingredients that work wonders to ease suffering, restore mobility, and improve quality of life. But you’ll take those results even further when you add in our two gut-support formulas, Tummy Essentials and Fresh Breathies. That’s because those two formulas contain a powerful mix of pre- and pro-biotics. These have been shown to ease systemic inflammation, which is one of the core reasons your dog’s joints have deteriorated!

2) You want to support your dog’s health from ALL angles! See, there are two main reasons why your dog’s health declines with age. The first reason is poor gut health. Just like humans, 70% of your dog’s immune system is found in the gut. So, if your dog’s gut health suffers, their entire health suffers. That’s where the pre- and probiotics found in our gut health formulas can help...

The second reason is systemic inflammation. Processed food, environmental toxins, and stress are the leading drivers of canine inflammation, which causes a breakdown in nearly every bodily system. The good news is the ingredients in Freedom Joint Chews not only restore healthy joints, but they help tame the flames of inflammation throughout your pup’s entire body!