Gut Health Bundle

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With the Gut Health Bundle, you’re getting our two most effective formulas for fixing bad digestion, firming-up poops, restoring joyful puppy energy, and even clearing allergies and skin issues.

Sounds too good to be true? I totally get it! But there’s a simple reason why we can stand behind these claims. The two formulas that come in the Gut Health Bundle are Fresh Breathies and Tummy Essentials…

And they work hand-in-hand to transform your dog’s gut health from the inside-out! Here’s how…

  • First: Fresh Breathies has powerful pre-biotics. These prebiotics feed the “good” bacteria in your dog’s tummy. And science shows “good” bacteria hold the key to 70% of your dog’s health! 
  • Second: Tummy Essentials has helpful pro-biotics. Probiotics are the “good bacteria'' themselves! These good bacteria travel to your dog’s gut, where they join forces with the existing good guys to flush away toxins, pathogens, and more.

That’s why this bundle is truly a “1-2 Punch” for your dog's health!